bigfoot eagle cam video

An unknown figure is captured walking below the nest of a pair of Michigan bald eagles on the CarbonTV Eagle Cam. Social media is abuzz recently with a clip from a camera mounted to a tree near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery, about 30 miles west of Traverse City, placed there to highlight a bald eagleRead More →

Bigfoot Family

A so-called “bigfoot family” has been caught on camera walking around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The footage, which was filmed on Christmas Day, is a cellphone recording of a live camera feed near the Old Faithful geyser at the famous park, resulting in some very pixelated footage. Although the video begins with two ofRead More →

7 Bigfoot videos

The existence of Bigfoot has long been debated, and though there is no “official” evidence of its existence, there are some that devote their lives to finding one. There are even shows devoted to finding one, like “Finding Bigfoot.” Here are perhaps 7 of the more believable ones (if there are any) that you canRead More →

Bigfoot video

This is amazing Bigfoot footage and it is considered legitimate by most Bigfoot experts. In 1994, former US Forest patrolman Paul Freeman claimed to have encountered and filmed a group of Sasquatch near the Blue Mountains of Washington. The quality of the film is poor, but after viewing analysis of the film and examining someRead More →