Join us for a once in a lifetime, real life ghost adventure at the infamous Washoe Club The Washoe Club a three-story brick structure opened in 1875 who’s first floor is currently occupied by a Saloon and the two upper stories and currently unoccupied. This towering brick building lies in the heart of Virginia City’sRead More →

Old Idaho Tuberculosis Hospital Ghost Hunt. As featured on Travel Channel Ghost Adventures and Only In Your State This haunted location is well known across the state of Idaho, the many rumors of its hauntings are correct! The Paranormal Activity that has been captured and witnessed here will make you question if you really doRead More →

Join us for two days with fascinating speakers who will be discussing the unusual events at the Board Camp Crystal Mine, UFO and ET encounters, the Fast Movers, Sasquatch encounters, and Unexplained Mysteries. Speakers include Ian Punnett, Kim Carlsberg, Bill Spicer, Fred Zewe, Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Cheryl and Orville Murphy, and Margie Kay. Visit the websiteRead More →