Bigfoot track way in the snow in Pennsylvania near beams rock

My fiance is originally from Pennsylvania but I’m from Missouri so we decided to move here together for a start at a new life abou a year ago (2018). Just a few days of being back we decided on taking a road trip around the mountains close by our residence in the area surrounding Boswell Pennsylvania. We were traveling through the mountains towards beams rock and I caught something so extremely bizarre out of the corner of my eye I screamed out loud frantically ordered him to stop the truck immediately and back up quickly.

The footprints I seen in the snow were so huge so far apart and when I got out of the truck I got a better closer look and seen the toe prints outline and the stride was so long a human would not have been able to lift so high out of the snow like I seen with absolutely no slide Mark in between prints.
The tracks went from one side of the hill to the completely opposite walking all the way across the road uphill and out of sight. We have pictures and video but have not contacted anyone yet that’s why I am right now. It’s been a question and a mystery in our home and would love for someone to contact us about this my email is. Listed below
This is no hoax I guarantee that. I’m new to pennsylvania and I never believed of bigfoot until I seen these prints please someone contact who might be able to help me. No jokes no solicitations please. This is for real!!!!

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