BIGFOOT Hunting Preserve in Michigan

Nestled in the wooded hills of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula you’ll find Bigfoot or Sasquatch as he is commonly called living peacefully in the Bigfoot Hunting Preserve (BFHP), a beautiful, secluded hunting area protected by a high-fenced perimeter where Sasquatches live, roam and grow.

This idyllic hideaway offers world-class Bigfoot hunting adventures. We know it’s special, in fact, we’re the nation’s ONLY Bigfoot hunting outfitters and guides.

Just imagine experiencing your own Bigfoot sighting… then shooting him, a GENUINE 900 pound trophy Sasquatch!–that’s an animal ten feet tall with a 19-inch foot! We’re here to offer you the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Good Hunting!!
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“They smell bad, but they sure are tasty.” –James Beris, Retired, Kohler, WI.

“These things are so big that I’ll have enough meat for the next year. The hide will make a nice throw for my wife’s favorite chair and the head is going on the wall of my den.” –William Melger, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Wausa, WI.

“I’ve been here three times and can’t get enough. Every hunt is better than the next. The Sasquatch Rodeo was a blast!” –Charles Jameson, Dallas, TX.

“My wife loved the lodge and the kids had fun in the petting zoo where they raise young Sasquatches. It was fun for the whole family!” –Bill Hansen, Nashville, TN.

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Monday, 1 January, 2018 there is a 3 year waiting list for new hunts
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Please email for details
Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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This might be the greatest place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!