Aliens stealing our Memories

This might sound weird but thinking about alien abduction and how people who have been abducted have little to no memory of the incident. Could people that have been abducted multiply times and repeated “erasing of the brain” by aliens be the cause of Alzheimer’s or dementia? Or are the aliens stealing our thoughts and memories and somehow using them or cataloging them for some later use?
I made this connection when my uncle was ill and suffering from Alzheimer’s. On a visit shortly before he died he made a starting statement about having been abducted by the “Grey Bastards” as he put it. The statement floored me; here was a man that didn’t remember my name or what year it was but all of the sudden recounted a wild story about an abduction with surprising clarity and detail. He talked about being taken to their ship at least 50 times over the last 20 years and how they probed and experimented on him and then would make him drink green juice which would knock him out cold and leave him with little to know memory for days after. He also said that they would hook him to some sort of machine and essential “download” everything in his brain in an effort to figure out how humans think and reason.
He stated that they are using this information to figure out how to control the human race and get them to behave the way they want us too. He said that they had giant TV like screens that were playing events from all over the world in real time, mostly everything they were watching were wars or extreme violent behavior and that they were setting up these scenario by manipulating their thoughts and then watching them play out like sport. He mumbled “little grey Bastards” about five times after this story and then drifted off. He never mentioned it again and repeated questioning of him never yielded any more details. I’ve been thinking about this story ever since, trying to make sense of it.

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