This a personal theory and not a conspiracy theory as such. The legends of Bigfoot go all the way back to time immemorial. Every culture on Earth has legends of Bigfoot, whether they called it Sasquatch, Skunk ape, Yeti, Yahoo, the Abominable Snowman or any of many other monikers. The case of the Yeti hasRead More →

Of all the bigfoot theories I’ve heard, the one that makes the most sense is that Bigfoot’s are aliens. This would explain the lack of bones and physical evidence since they are just visiting from another planet. I also believe that they are scouting out places to setup bases to eventually mount an attack againstRead More →

Nestled in the wooded hills of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula you’ll find Bigfoot or Sasquatch as he is commonly called living peacefully in the Bigfoot Hunting Preserve (BFHP), a beautiful, secluded hunting area protected by a high-fenced perimeter where Sasquatches live, roam and grow. This idyllic hideaway offers world-class Bigfoot hunting adventures. We know it’s special,Read More →