“I Have Seen Bigfoot” is a documentary and seminar about Bigfoot/Sasquatch and the eyewitnesses that have had close encounters with them in New York, Pennsylvania, and across the United States. The Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo was started in 2012 as a tourism special event to bring people to Chautauqua County and to Peter Wiemer’s cottageRead More →

Dr. Throckmorton shares how experts critically evaluate anatomical, genetic, evolutionary, and ecological evidence of sasquatch’s existence. Cultures around the world recount folklore about ‘wild people’ and ‘forest-dwelling hairy upright apes.’ From the Himalayan Yeti, to North America’s Bigfoot, to Arkansas’ own Fouke Monster, these ‘hidden animals’ capture our imaginations. In this hilarious talk, Professor ZachRead More →

Join us for a self guided investigation (if experienced) (with us if this is your first time) and explore this amazing farm where you will find 3 separate buildings, the ruins (the remains of the old barn), and a limestone quarry. Step back in time with us! Playwicki Farm’s association with ancient settlements can beRead More →

Paranormal Investigations are back! Visitors and volunteers alike have reported phenomena at Bonanzaville that cannot be easily explained. These tours will allow you to move beyond museum barriers in teams of 6 and discover for yourself. Buildings included in the investigations are the Brass Rail Saloon, the Houston Mansion, the Bjerklie Pharmacy, and the BurlingtonRead More →

NOTE: TICKETS GO ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2 AT 9 A.M. Get with the Ghouls! ALT and Cripple Crick Paranormal will be joined by the renowned team Pittsburgh Paranormal Investigators at Dead Man’s Hollow to explore the lore of the Hollow. We’ll hike the lower portion of the conservation area through the ruins in search ofRead More →