No. Kentucky UFO/paranormal Conference

Meet abductees, Paranormal investigators, experiencers.
The speakers are Barry (Bear) has been researching and investigating the paranormal since 1976. His interest in the paranormal started a’s a child, as an experiencer, and he contributes his path of researching and investigating paranormal events from the opportunity to meet famed pioneering paranormal researcher, parapsychologist, and author Hans Holzer.
Barry currently serves as a member of the renowned Society of the Supernatural, lead investigator with night stalkers, the MUFON state director of Kentucky and is a STAR team certified field investigator for MUFON. Sandy Nichols Author, researcher, investigator, former radio co-host, and lecturer. Sandy is a life-long abductee who has shared his abduction experiences in a wide variety of media formats since he first went public over 20 years ago.
Sandy has also had various other types of paranormal experiences, and therefore expanded his work into these other areas as well. Another area of research Sandy has focused on in recent years, is his own DNA. Through Six DNA test, he has learned that he has a very rare mutated gene located in the Mitochondrial DNA, that indicates he has two mothers that Sandy believes might be connected to his abduction experiences. In 2018, Sandy unearthed a Stone Pathway buried three feet underground in his backyard. Sandy believes that evidence found so far indicates that he and his wife, Sherrie, built their dream home on an unknown, Indian Ceremonial site. Dave Spinks- Dave has been investigating and researching the supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he has conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as Europe. Dave served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 years and went on to work as Federal Law Enforcement Officer retiring in 2011. During his paranormal investigations Dave has experienced many hair raising and un-nerving things as one might imagine. He has been seen on various television shows to include Terror in the Woods, Paranormal 911, the Unexplained, Strange creatures and These Woods are Haunted to name a few. He was also featured in the film Flatwoods Monster (A legacy of fear) by small town monsters. He has been a featured guest on hundreds of paranormal themed radio shows and pod casts. He is often a featured guest speaker at paranormal conferences around the country Dave is also an author on many topics that include Cryptids, Hauntings, Ufology releasing his first book West Virginia Bigfoot, in 2018 and was featured in the highly successful Woodknocks, series by David Weatherly David H. Lowery (known as the Paranormal Highwayman) a paranormal
investigator/speaker/educator and a 40+ year pro photographer. Chris Houston born 1972 lived a simple country life with very little money throughout his early struggles. He attended a local college in Columbus, Ohio developing an audio engineering degree in hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps. After his father’s untimely death Christopher decided to move away from audio starting again from a hair thin budget. Later, through hard work he personally funded his education forming a business degree in marketing and journalism becoming self coached from some of the biggest names in companies today. In 2011 Mr. Houston founded C.R.S. Marketing Solutions on a hair thin budget and a simple idealism “Bettering business solutions” by 2013 C.R.S. was working in relation with some of the top companies across America. Mr. Houston has spoken on business strategy across the USA as a guest speaker in OSU, MARION Tech, Stout University, and much more. In 2009 Chris came out with his haunted story. Not yet revealed to the public he joined the paranormal community after doing over 20 years research with university setting. Since then he has been nominated as a Paranormal research historian covering the many facets of paranormal research and its connections in truth world wide.
He’s not your average history buff but one whom sticks to the real research and history of the total subject at hand for education and truth from myth and fable. He now hosts a radio program called Paranormal Truth and Reality and is in the process of publishing 4 books on real historic content of the true research community, helped found Nicam in the next generation of night vision products, and tours the USA speaking to many to educate truth. Paranormal research historian, radio host, write of Haunted History’s then till now, experiencer, educator, and speaker, journalist, and marketing professional. Abductees and experiencers attending include David Trusty, Glenn Pennington, Debbie Warren that will share photos, info and experiences.

There will be a paranormal investigation of farm house and outside surrounding house from 8pm until 12 a.m.. anyone investigating the farm must be 18 years of age or older. Tickets for this event is $50 a person. Come and get educated on UFOs, abductions, ghosts and learn how to investigate the paranormal. You will be amazed at what you see, hear and learn at this event. WARNING- Some info shared may be disturbing to some.

Farm House Investigation & Tours
Date of Event:
Saturday, 27 April, 2019
Time of Event:
3 PM – 12 AM EDT
Benton Farms " Benton Family Farm" 11896 Old Lexington Pike, Walton, Kentucky 41094
City and State:
Walton, Kentucky

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