Come and join us as we investigate at this unique location. You will be given hands-on advice on how to use equipment, free time to investigate on your own, as well as structured vigils run by our team of experienced ghost hunters. White Rock Lake is home to Dallas’s most famous Ghost, the lady ofRead More →

East Kingston Horse Farm $50 7pm til 12:00 Pizza, Salad & Investigation How about an opportunity to investigate a private/business location. This is a large location with many buildings. Activity occurring on the whole property. I have investigated this location multiple times. This location is a functioning horse farm. The activity is all over withRead More →

The Strange Realities Conference will feature some of the foremost minds in the fields of UFOs,Bigfoot, and the Paranormal. The Conspirinormal Podcast is proud to present the 2019 Strange Realities Conference. This Conference will feature experts in the fields of UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Paranormal. We will also feature live music to close out theRead More →